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I’m Patrick Lowder, and I want to blog about vaccines in as simply as I can.  I hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and if you feel the need, contribute to it.

It is said that the two certain things in life are death and taxes.  I think vaccines may belong on the list.  Without them, we are more likely to get to the former first, or at least more unpleasantly.  But vaccination surely includes our relationship to others, to protect them by our own actions.  In essence, vaccination is a physical embodiment of being a brother’s keeper.

I look forward to your comments, and questions, and contributions.  Any writing faults are mine.  I don’t have a grammar nazi on hand.

Patrick Lowder

About patlowder

I'm a chemist, patent attorney, husband of one wife, dad of two sons, and I am (a progressive, whatever that label implies) Christian. I have had a rich, varied life and I give thanks for it. Just to be clear, this blog reflects personal views and is not intended as an advertisement for legal services, or should be considered a "law blog." You should not take anything I say to be a legal opinion on any topic and you don't create an attorney-client relationship by reading it. That requires an executed written contract.
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7 Responses to First Post

  1. patlowder says:

    So there you go. My first writing error.

  2. Beth Clontz says:

    I agree with you on this, Patrick.

  3. Susan says:

    My first child who is now 30 had a reaction to her first MMR vaccine, so she only got one of those but I followed through with the rest of the vaccines not only for her but for 2 more children. I am glad that NC is one of the states that make you show proof that your child has been vaccinated, I don’t believe in Big Brother regulating everything but I don’t believe someone else’s actions should endanger my children.

  4. James Garrison says:

    Glad to hear what you have to say on this topic. My son Jacob is 17 and on the autism spectrum. I thought at first there was a connection to the MMR vaccine (now discredited study) or other immunizations, but now have to say I don’t know the cause. I support vaccination, but am curious whether the bundling together of so many immunizations so often may have an effect on the developing immune systems of infants and toddlers. Would spacing out the vaccines over a longer period of time reduce perceived adverse reactions?

  5. Kathleen Rupprecht says:

    Way to follow your heart, my friend!! I’ll be reading!

  6. patlowder says:

    Thanks for these comments, James, Susan, and Beth. I will be glad to get to autism in due course. James, your question may require quite a sophisticated answer beyond my technical training. But, I’ll give it my best shot to simplify the issues in a future post.

  7. Gene says:

    And it now looks that states may start putting restrictions on ideological and religious exemptions. Oregon, I believe, is considering legislation to that effect. Believe as you may the limits governments should have in legislating on individual freedoms, vaccination is not an individual freedom, just like screaming “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater is not a free speech matter.

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