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I'm a chemist, patent attorney, husband of one wife, dad of two sons, and I am (a progressive, whatever that label implies) Christian. I have had a rich, varied life and I give thanks for it. Just to be clear, this blog reflects personal views and is not intended as an advertisement for legal services, or should be considered a "law blog." You should not take anything I say to be a legal opinion on any topic and you don't create an attorney-client relationship by reading it. That requires an executed written contract.

Pertussis – 3: Doubting Thomas

The lectionary for this week includes John 20, the story of “Doubting Thomas.”  As the story has it, Jesus’ disciple Thomas didn’t see an appearance of post-resurrection Jesus and declared that he wouldn’t believe in the resurrection until he could … Continue reading

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The Royal Quacktitioner

Prince Charles is paying us a visit soon.  Sadly, he is a notorious public health menace.  I feel sorry for the Brits.  This guy will be the British Monarch one day. Yesterday, the article Prince Charles visits Washington, D.C. and … Continue reading

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Toxicity is a Most Misunderstood Term

I don’t believe the average consumer understands the basics, much less any subtleties, of toxicity.  Sadly, the word “chemical,” or something that sounds chemically suspicious, is synonymous with “toxic” among many in America.  Here is a very good example: Penn … Continue reading

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God, Country, Family?

You might ask whether this post is an express statement of political conservatism.  Definitely maybe.  But this post is fundamentally about our relationships and our duties to each other, the essence of (democratic) politics. Last week a good friend and … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel, Jeff Foxworthy, Vaccines, and Cultural Imperialism

Yesterday’s post was a comment on potentially deep cultural changes that might affect us due to the sharp clash between an anti-vaccination movement and the rest of us.  Here’s another take on that. About 10 of you sent me the … Continue reading

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Leper Colonies, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Spellcheckers

Lepers, that politically incorrect term, have long served as a metaphor for showing mercy to society’s outcasts.  Jesus commanded 10 lepers to show themselves to the priests and the Luke 17 narrative says they were healed.  Healing a bunch of lepers was an … Continue reading

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Autism and Sketchy Science

It’s no secret that autism concerns are part of the genesis of vaccine skepticism.  The story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield is well-known and well-documented.  His reports, combined with a general ignorance of scientific method and clinical trials, created a perfect storm that set … Continue reading

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A Nifty Cartoon About Vaccines

A couple of loyal readers today sent me this cartoon they found informative and amusing.  While I strive to be more detailed and immersed in hard science, like my prior post today, I admire the creators’ excellent storytelling.  It’s effective. … Continue reading

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Connections to Social Media

Dear Readers: Thank you for your interest in my blog at  I have noticed the linked “headlines” in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter occasionally reflect titles I did not choose.  I cannot preview what goes to these social media sites, … Continue reading

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Pertussis – 2: The Slaughter of The Innocents

In the last post, I discussed the importance of mucus and cilia.  In short, cilia in the trachea and other airways combine with a river of mucus to clean the air we breathe and move it up (yes, against gravity) … Continue reading

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