Well this is fun

Hello out there again.  It’s my second blog post today.  I’ve had 40 visitors to the site in 2 hours, so something worked.    How exciting.  Thanks.

I discovered to my chagrin that the Facebook link to WordPress blog has no “image” or “gravitar,” or whatever that last thing is, so my blogging is surely suboptimal.  Thank you for your patience.  I claim the same level of proficiency as the Men in Blazers.

Now, on to the vaccines while I wait for someone to call me.

About patlowder

I'm a chemist, patent attorney, husband of one wife, dad of two sons, and I am (a progressive, whatever that label implies) Christian. I have had a rich, varied life and I give thanks for it. Just to be clear, this blog reflects personal views and is not intended as an advertisement for legal services, or should be considered a "law blog." You should not take anything I say to be a legal opinion on any topic and you don't create an attorney-client relationship by reading it. That requires an executed written contract.
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